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Quick and Painless Peanut Sauce

All right, here’s another one for all the broke artists out there! It’s the beginning of a new year, and following the holidays, there’s a strong chance the wad of cash under your bed is looking thinner than it normally … Continue reading

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Bad Advice Musicians Hear, Part 7: You Can Do It All on the Internet

It’s a Friday night down at your local rock club, or maybe a Wednesday. Who even knows anymore? You’ve played at this place six times in the last nine months, and the crowd is still made up of seven of … Continue reading

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On Staying Out of the Comments in 2023

I’m taking a few seconds right now to consider how my social media habits have changed over this past year. Of course they’ve changed, because the discourse on pretty much all of the major social platforms has been changing. You … Continue reading

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