Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a Mope-Rock Maxi Single!

4010888632-1Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! When I was in my early 20s, I preferred to observe Valentine’s Day by listening to all of my Black Flag records in chronological order. Nowadays, I feel much more comfortable with my circumstances, and I’d prefer to just think of the holiday as the weekday it typically is. But this year is different, and not just because I finally broke down and joined a Popular Online Dating Service. No! I play bass with the band Dialogue from a Silent Film, and we released a three-song digital single this morning, just for Valentine’s Day. It’s called “You Don’t Love Me Yet,” a phrase most likely plucked from the title of a Jonathan Lethem novel, if I know Dialogue lead singer/guitarist Daniel Kasshu. We went into the studio with audio engineer Jim Bentley (at his place, The Fort, in Bushwick) two weeks ago, and came out with the rawest, most rocking record Dialogue has ever made. Daniel stuck around and recorded a third song alone in the studio with Jim. Recommended if you like gnarly post-punk rhythms, throbbing shoegaze guitars, F-bombs and songs about insomnia, dissatisfaction, isolation and writer’s block. Play it loud. One more warning: There’s some cursing, especially on “3,000 Miles.” Listen to it here.

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