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Video: Brian LaRue Performing on Live at Main Drag

Right around the Fourth of July, 2020, I appeared on an episode of Live at Main Drag, the webseries filmed at Main Drag Music in Williamsburg, playing three songs by Shelter Dogs solo, on a guitar that is not mine. … Continue reading

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On the Three-Part Creative Cycle: A Suggestion

During the first few months of the Covid pandemic in 2020, there was a lot of chatter about how we all can “use this time.” The presumption was that “sheltering in place,” staying at or close to home, our social … Continue reading

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It’s Brian LaRue, the Blog: The Relaunch

All right, so I took a six-year break from this blog, but now I’m back.  Man, a lot can happen in six years. In mid-2015, I was living in a converted warehouse, throwing rock shows. I hadn’t met my partner … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Contest of Hipness: The 2013 Bushwick Games

Who says Brooklyn hipsters are lazy? Why, they engage in feats of strength and endurance as a matter of course. Finally the hardiest, quickest and most adroit among them will be recognized for their years of training this summer, competing … Continue reading

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A Little About Why I Never Made Eagle Scout

Today, following a nationwide vote of 1,400 Scout leaders, the Boy Scouts of America decided to open up Scouting to boys who happened to be gay. In a way, this is a bit of news I’d been waiting to hear … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a Mope-Rock Maxi Single!

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! When I was in my early 20s, I preferred to observe Valentine’s Day by listening to all of my Black Flag records in chronological order. Nowadays, I feel much more comfortable with my circumstances, and I’d … Continue reading

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