ICYMI: The Band I’m In Is Called Shelter Dogs

Photo by Jeanette Moses

I’m the primary singer, guitarist and songwriter in the garage rock/powerpop band Shelter Dogs, and that isn’t new. But in the time since this blog went on hiatus, Shelter Dogs came out of its own hiatus, and we’ve been up to quite a bit since then. Let’s catch up a bit.

I’ve been in Shelter Dogs since before this band was even called Shelter Dogs. One of the main reasons I moved to Brooklyn back in 2010 was to shop around an album an earlier lineup of this band had recorded. (Incidentally, that album to date has never been released, but I have some ideas on how to rectify that. Anyway.) We haven’t always been particularly active. That changed in 2018, when I rebooted Shelter Dogs with an entirely new (except for me) lineup, and we started hitting clubs and DIY spots on the reg. We released an EP called Crashing a Party With Shelter Dogs in the spring of 2019, on the excellent and prolific garage/punk/psych cassette label King Pizza Records. You should hear it.

We’re really proud of it. I think there are still a few physical copies available. They’re $5 each. We have limitless downloads available, too. We’re also streaming on Spotify.

Select media related to Crashing a Party With…: We did a BTR (BreakThru Radio) Live in-studio performance and interview in 2019, which you can check out here — there’s live video, plus full audio of the whole session. Later that year, I did an interview with my old bud Jeffrey Thunders on his Die Hipster! blog, where we covered a lot of historical SDogs-related ground. 

Look out soon for the new Shelter Dogs EP, Love in the Time of Chloroform, which we recorded earlier in 2021, and which really shoots this band’s sound into space. 

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