It’s Brian LaRue, the Blog: The Relaunch

All right, so I took a six-year break from this blog, but now I’m back. 

Man, a lot can happen in six years. In mid-2015, I was living in a converted warehouse, throwing rock shows. I hadn’t met my partner yet. My previous full-time day job, which has since run its entire course, from its unexpected beginning to its logical end, wasn’t even on the horizon. There’s been a whole global pandemic. We’re in a markedly different social, cultural and political place than we were six years ago. The macro stuff you know perfectly well. Whatever I’ve been up to on the micro level has been folded into my bio, if you’re at all curious.

I’ve had plans for over a year to relaunch this site, but let’s be realistic: The subject matter that interests me hasn’t lined up well with the experiences we’ve been living through.

I think my efforts were better spent elsewhere through the pandemic, at the end of the day. But I’ve been socking away thoughts and observations for whenever my immediate surroundings started opening up again. Now I’m vaxxed and shmaxxed and ready to get whacked. Feels great tbh.

A lot of overdue changes around this site. Most importantly, it needed a subject matter pivot. This site’s 2013-15 iteration had a bit of an audience problem — I was casting too wide of a net. Some of the content had what seems now to be an overly self-serious tone, and in retrospect it’s questionable who specifically was supposed to be interested in my long-form musings on topics to which I had only a dubious personal connection. Some of it truly feels like ancient history. I don’t even agree anymore with a lot of my takes from that era. I think my writing has evolved. But whatever. That’s normal. If you look back at where you were six, eight years ago, and you still think you were universally on point and just killing it consistently, and you don’t see any change in your thinking, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Anyway. Going forward with this site, I’m going to focus much more on lived experiences, with a particular emphasis on living as a “working artist” (or w/e). I don’t expect a whole lot of these posts are going to be angled toward specific cultural moments — I’m just more interested in the long-term trends that got us to wherever we are. I’ll lay out some of my guides for living in an utterly unhinged world while keeping your head screwed on. For the time being, I’ve taken down the lion’s share of my old 2013-15 posts, barring a handful that fit with this site’s rehoned tone. I’ll be reposting those old essays in a designated archive section, though, for the adventurous, or the borderline masochistic.

Really appreciate anyone who’s made their way back here after however long it’s been. Hope to keep bringing you things you want in your life.

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  1. clarapy says:

    My takeaway is vaxxed and shmaxxed and ready to get whacked!

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